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Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner

Orrco recently purchased a Crest Ultrasonice Cleaner. This cleaner gives Orrco the capability to meet specialized stringent cleaning requirements for machined parts.

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"Using only the finest raw materials, Orrco fabricates superior quality products from steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, plastic, and carbide wear materials "

-- Keith Orr 

Quality Precision Screw Machine Parts

You expect a company with more than 65 years in the screw machine industry to deliver on spec, on time, and on budget, and we do!  What you might not expect is that Orrco continues to treat each client with the dedicated attention reserved for hometown customers.   

We stand behind our work, knowing that to claim excellence gains nothing, but to deliver on our word enriches our business relationships and contributes to your success. 

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World Class Capability, International Reach

Achieving tolerances of tens of thousandths of an inch and delivering high volume production on complex precision machined parts is an Orrco specialty.  But it’s our exceptional communication and focus on the client that sets us apart.  

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What about Orrco makes us right for your precision machining needs?

Whether your need is for a carbide wear part used in mining and construction or a commercial piece for the lawn & garden market, Orrco’s range and experience is vast.  

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Collage of parts machined by OrrcoIf your current supplier leaves you with hassles, late deliveries, and rejected parts, Orrco is ready to demonstrate a real difference: quality and reliability at a competitive price.  

  • Able to produce high volume machined parts as well as leverage our 21st Century CNC machines and experienced personnel to meet low volume orders economically.
  • Consulting on parts design and specifications to aid in meeting end-use requirements with economical production. 

Starting with our native market in the Pittsburgh region, Orrco has expanded its reach over the years to Ohio, Virginia, and the mid-Atlantic states.  Today we provide precision machine products to Mexico and other international destinations, and our market continues to grow. 

High Volume Machining

Have a specialty part you need produced in large volume?  Do your high volume orders require multiple machining operations that slow production and introduce errors?  Orrco is the answer.  Read more...

Your Partner in Delivering Precision Machine Products  

While you’ll appreciate our obsession with perfection, the best reason to choose Orrco is our people.  They recognize the big picture.  To them, your order is not merely a production run.  Read more...


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